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Jason Blatt

  • Web developer skilled in application/interface design and frontend/backend programming
  • Familiar with modern and emerging web and mobile technologies
  • Comfortable with most languages, operating systems, and frameworks
  • Capable graphic/web designer
  • Fast learner, versatile, motivated, independent, enjoys learning new things

(X)HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery/AJAX/JSON, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, Emacs,
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash/Actionscript, Drupal, Wordpress, osCommerce,
XML, SVN, ColdFusion, Filtrexx, Apache, Shell Scripting, Java, C


Web site design/development/deployment; Frontend & backend web application programming; Database management; Security and PCI compliance for eCommerce sites; Content management systems; Search engine optimization; Vulnerability testing; Cross-browser compatibility; Mobile development; Website optimization; Interface design; Graphic design


Arsenal Studios, St. Louis MO, 2010 - present

  • Fontend/backend development for multiple clients
  • Developed/maintained application systems for college students
  • Created administration tools for college staff
  • Worked on custom in-house CMS

Micronexx Corp., Avalon PA, 2007 - 2012

  • Lead developer on many projects for multiple clients simultaneously
  • Designed website, desktop/mobile interfaces, and software for a search engine appliance
  • Created database-driven web application for storage/retrieval/analysis of medical records
  • Migrated deprecated, static HTML sites to modern technologies
  • Optimized sites for speed and compatibility, dramatically reducing average bandwidth usage
  • Programmed online CAD tools for a millwork company
  • Optimized sites for search engines, resulting in a measurable increase in traffic and sales
  • Turned Photohop templates into interactive eCommerce sites
  • Developed custom search engines for several clients

Your Mind Share LLC, Harrisburg PA, 2006 - 2007

  • Worked on social networking and eCommerce startups

Freelance, 2006 - present

  • Designed and deployed sites about travel, law, art, music, film, and community
  • Worked on several non-profit projects pro-bono
  • Developed experimental/personal projects to learn new technologies
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
University of Pittsburgh, School of Engineering, 2006
Furnished upon request
  • Simple Admin Framework (2015)
  • SVGs and CSS3 Transitions (2015)
  • Who Doesn't Like Tetris? (2014)
  • Configurable Reddit Bot (2014)
  • Frontend Redesign of reddit.com with Live Data (2011)
  • Browser Autofill Form Vulnerability (2015)
  • Command Line Interface (2008)
  • Dragon Curve Fractal (2004)
  • Avatar Chat (2009)
  • Crash Chrome with Simple HTML (2015)
  • Women's Shelter - Pittsburgh, PA (2011)
  • Twitter Search (2012)
  • Service Industry Client/Server Software (2005)
  • Criminal Defense Lawfirm - Newmarket, ON (2010)
  • Film Production Company - Pittsburgh, PA (2010)
  • Indispensable Hacker Utility (2012)
  • Higher Education Foundation - Harrisburg, PA (2011)
  • Game of Concentration / Luck (2004)
  • Search Appliance Manufacturer - Pittsburgh, PA (2008)
  • Art from Restroom Walls (2010)
  • Developers of Skynet - Sunnyvale, CA (2004)
  • Hancrafted Wooden Shutters and Doors - Meyersdale, PA (2008)
  • Asian Culinary Tours - Bangkok, Thailand (2009)
  • Truncated List of Albums to Own (2004)
  • Hip-hop / Soul Radio Program (2005)
  • Transplant Patient Registry - Pittsburgh, PA (2009)
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mt-foundation Screenshot



Small framework to setup a simple admin area for managing content. Uses Foundation. Demo showcases testdata compiled from Discogs and Wikipedia.

View mt-foundation on Github

"We build a foundation but where do we stand, when all air is water and all water is land?"
Tetris Screenshot



It's Tetris ;) Written using Kinetic.js and modeled after the Game Boy version, released in 1989.

View Tetris on Github

"If you want little boys to buy your machine include Mario, but if you want everyone to buy your machine, include Tetris." -Alexey Pajitnov
SVG Social Icons Screenshot

SVG Social Icons


Playing around with SVG, CSS3 transitions, and some new CSS/Sass techniques and libraries.

View SVG Social Icons on Github

reddit! Screenshot



In early 2011, reddit.com hosted a programming and design contest in order to grow their team. This project was created to mirror live reddit data from their JSON API through a cleaner interface. It is mostly client-side Javascript with a few simple backend scripts to allow cookies to work. Users can view stories/subreddits/comments, search, sort, login and vote.

View reddit! on Github

"Reddit is a source for what's new and popular on the web."
Autofill Is Evil Screenshot

Autofill is Evil


Most browsers have an "autofill" or "autocomplete" feature that quickly fills out webforms with common, saved information. But it's trivial to display a "malicious" form in such a manner that obscures autofillable fields, resulting in the user unable to determine which pieces of information are actually getting sent to a server.

View Autofill Is Evil on Github

msh Screenshot



msh emulates a command line interface (CLI) using Javascript and PHP. Supports a filesystem, multiple users, and some common (and not so common) commands.

View msh on Github

Hollowbot Screenshot

Hollowbot is an attempt to create an open-source framework for a reddit bot to crawl, interpret, and respond to comments. Users deploying the bot can provide a configuration/ruleset to control its behavior. Written in Python.

View Hollowbot on Github

nesCanvas Screenshot



nesCanvas was written with the goal of creating an avatar chat client/server without using Flash. The nesCanvas client runs in a browser window using jQuery and <canvas>. The backend is written in Perl.

View nesCanvas on Github

AwSnap Screenshot

On April 5th, 2015 I discovered a bug in the then-current version of Chrome (41) that would cause the browser to crash when it encountered a long and/or malformed URL in the href attribute of an anchor tag. I submitted the bug to Google, and it was marked as 'Won't Fix' almost immediately. So I posted it to Github. This culminated in a reddit thread making it's way to the front page before getting removed, a submission to /r/bestof, and a HackerNews thread where the dev who fixed it reached out. All in all, a pretty amazing 12 hours.

View AwSnap on Github

Womanspace East Screenshot

Womanspace East, Inc. - Serving Women and Children In Crisis


"To address the needs of homeless families by providing vital services that embrace a holistic approach to crisis resolution and treatment by addressing the needs of the total family and providing vital services where the family can find support, guidance, and redirection to make them contributing members to the community again. We accomplish our mission through three programs that we operate: Emergency Shelter, Bridge, and Transitional Housing."
Switter Screenshot

Switter is a simple interface to Twitter's Search API. Hashtag and user searches are both supported, and results are parsed to support chaining search results. Switter was designed with graceful degradation as a priority, and should work in all browsers, with or without javascript enabled.

View Switter on Github

Ragged Claw Productions Screenshot
"After turning to cannibalism to survive a plane crash in the mountains, TRAVIS is rescued and finds himself a national phenomenon. He returns home to his friends and his regular bar (with sexy new bartender VIRGINIA) but, broke after months of unemployment, he is forced to take a job in the city morgue working for DICK PEARSON."
Swordfisher Screenshot



Swordfisher is a tongue in cheek homage that prints it's own javascript in a stylish manner in response to random keypresses. It uses the Raphaël.js library to draw SVG graphics.

"Unfortunately, I need someone who can do this under 60 seconds."
Committed to Mediocrity Screenshot

Committed to Mediocrity is a foundation which sponsors the Pedestrian Achievement Award, a scholarship awarded to college-bound students who demonstrate completely average/mediocre levels of intelligence and promise.

DragonGL Screenshot

Three OpenGL programs to draw the Dragon Curve Fractal with each version adding more options.

View DragonGL on Github

Chaos Screenshot

Chaos is a simple game based on Squares 2 by Gavin Shapiro.

View Chaos on Github

MaxxCAT Screenshot
"MaxxCAT sells the industry's fastest, most open and scalable Enterprise Search Appliances for searching websites, intranets, databases, file systems and applications. MaxxCAT's enterprise search appliances are the fastest, lowest cost hardware search solutions on the market. For enterprises looking for high performance at an affordable price point with a scalable upgrade path to high availability clustered solutions, our technology is the answer."
Bathroom Scribbles Screenshot
"Sifting through gang tags, vulgarities and slanderous numbers, I find the most inspiring and brightest graffiti in the most uninspiring and darkest (let alone disgusting) of places. I trace the gems with tracing paper and the exact sharpie, crayon, bic pen, or other writing utensil the original artist (it could be YOU!) used. Finally, I scan them in and bring them off the wall. These pieces of graffiti get preserved long after any business owner paints them over."
Cyberdyne Screenshot


Demo site. Mock home page for the fictional company Cyberdyne Systems.

"On August 29, 1997 ('Judgment Day'), Skynet becomes sentient, humans attempt to shut it down, and Skynet retaliates by launching a nuclear attack, initiating an indeterminately long period of global warfare that pits humans against machines with ever-increasing capabilities."
Estate Millwork Screenshot
"Estate Millwork uses traditional joinery methods, much of them unchanged since the heyday of woodcraft and furniture making, the 18th century. All of our products are hand assembled, and hand finished and our benchwork is accomplished in such a way as the result is indistinguishable from the finest craftsmanship produced in the old ways. At our mill, we still employ the apprentice system to bring on our young and energetic woodworkers under the guidance and tutelage of stern old masters, some with more than a half century of experience. Our masters in turn were taught by masters, many of whom practiced their craft in the late nineteenth century."
Global Taste Screenshot
"Global Taste offers food vacations and culinary travel in Southeast Asia. Global Taste's culinary tours of Asia take visitors on food and drink travel experiences in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. Gourmet food travel and culinary tours of Thailand, customized cooking school programs, epicurean holidays and culinary vacations are offered by Global Taste. Our tours blend Asian eating experiences with epicurean, gastronomic, and cultural activities."
McChesney Law Screenshot

McChesney Law


"If you are arrested or detained, you must be:
     1. Told why you have been arrested or detained;
     2. Told immediately that you have the right to a lawyer;
     3. Told about Legal Aid and your right to free legal advice; and
     4. Allowed to speak to a lawyer, in private, as soon as possible, if you ask to do so."
Buy These Albums Now Screenshot


Demo site. Classic album artwork with descriptions.

"The Dark Side of the Moon explores the nature of the human experience with themes such as birth, time, greed, conflict, travel, mental illness, and death. The album is considered by many fans and critics to be the band's magnum opus and is generally hailed as the record that defined their sound."
The Good Word Radio Show Screenshot
"'The Good Word' is a forum for the best in underground hip-hop, jazz and blues. Host B.WilkZ plays music from all walks of life and time periods, but always keeps it on a soulful vibe... 'The Good Word' is two hours of amazing music for both the hardcore fan and the casual listener. Tune in once and you.ll hear the best weekly two hour set on the radio. If you don.t believe us, check our past playlists for a taste of what you can expect."
PalmPilot Screenshot

PalmServe was written to replace pen and paper in resturants with a wireless client/server system using Palm Pilots. The server is written in Java, and the client (written in C++) requires a PalmOS emulator/simulator, or if you are really brave, an actual Palm Pilot with wifi.

View PalmServe on Github

ISOrTT Screenshot

ISOrTT - International Solid Organ Transplant Tolerance Registry


"Achieving and understanding patients' ability to undergo solid organ transplantation without the need for ongoing immunosuppression is a key goal of transplantation research. The ISOrTT Registry Website exists to fulfill two key missions. The first is to establish a multi-center, international database registering patients who have been successfully maintained off immunosuppression for at least one year after transplantation. Also, ISOrTT will serve to facilitate enrollment of interested patients into appropriate studies of transplant tolerance and serve as a resource on tolerance studies and literature for interested patients, physicians, and families."